Katsugen Undo along with yuki is a basic Seitai practice.

By consciously paying attention to the spontaneous or natural movement.

We respect how our spontaneous and instinctive movement is expressed. That comes out nicely and different movement in each of us. It is concentrated in those areas with the most blockade.

An internal dialogue takes place which little by little, by concentrating on areas of pain and tension or areas that are disconnected to the CVP (coordination Cranium-vertebrae-pelvis), we start to see improvement. We release that blockages, weaknesses, pains and aches start to move and eventually clear up and we have ownership over our physical and psychological state of being.

Through pectoral ventral breathing somethings can be expressed more clearly. For example: a pain hearts less, eases or no longer hurts, anguishes unlocked and released. Restlessness disappears.

Sleeplessness, indigestion and bad moods, which all occur naturally can be managed.