Seitai translates literally as the “coordinated body” but conceptually as:

  • Coordinated CVP


CVP or Cranium, Vertebrae, Pelvis is best described as the structure, body or from and life of the vertebrate organism. The CVP is the highest form of all cellular make up and represents the life form. Feeling in the being of the body is due to the natural instinctive spontaneous relationship between the CVP and guides its movements. The CVP are all interconnected.


Tension A or autonomous

Internal stimulation of the human organism is caused when the CVP’s cells are activated by the brain naturally instinctually and spontaneously by certain intense specific instincts, desires, wants and needs. If those are met and satisfied, Tension A is released, flows and is stimulated. But if it is interrupted inhibited or blocked it stagnates in the form of organic decompositions. This is what we call TPE or excessive partial tension.


TPE or excessive partial tension

TPE can best be described two ways:

First as the slow deterioration to loss of physical, mental or health in general, due to daily wear and tear or from minor to serious injuries or accidents.

Second is the inhibition or blocking of basic human wants needs and desires (TA) can also cost TPE.


Spontaneous instinct natural movement

Concept is used to define from the mind that stems from the CVP or strictly natural association of the organic or physical, the psychic or mental and the conscious and the non-conscious cellular.


The Osei Scheme

It is the structure of the natural instinct spontaneous movement.